• Andreea Cristina Dănescu Universitatea "1 Decembrie 1918", Alba Iulia


Nowadays, we are witnessing a revolution of globalproportions in the financial and banking sector, which due to globalizationhas shown a strong cross-border character. In this sense, we can observeprofound mutilations of the world’s economy, influenced by the scarcity ofresources, political changes, the migration of production factors, and theimpact of the high level of risk the banks have taken in the previous years.All these have been influencing the worldwide economy welfare and thenations’ sustainable development. Due to the events happening since 2007until today, namely the history of bailouts all over the world, the ”too big tofail” banks do not have the incentive to prudentially manage systemic risk.This leads to creation of contingent liabilities for the governments andtherefore threatens their own sustainability. Consequently, such tendenciesweaken the public trust in a system that privatizes the gains but socializesthe losses.


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