• Ioana Iuliana Pop (Grigorescu) Universitatea "1 Decembrie 1918", Alba Iulia


The social and economic environment is in a continuouschange, placing the specialists in front of some concrete situations, full withconflicts and uncertainty which ask for decisions and action. Nowadays, reality is aprocess of facts being continuously developing therefore a standard of utilitiesbecomes absolutely necessary.The present discourse refers to the audit report- as a final result of the externalauditor’s work and to the possibilities of improving this report – so as to contributeto a better financial stability in the actual context of the economic crises. Thestrength of the auditor is essential to re-establish the trust in the market.The methodology of research is a qualitative one, because the data have beengathered without quantifications or other works. I have tried a deep look into thematter, realizing a synthesis of the opinions connected to the efficiency of theauditor’s report, as a means of communication between auditors and the users ofthe accounting information. ISA 700 has been analyzed, worked out and comparedto the economic reality and the specialty literature in the field, referring severaltimes to the Green Book “The policy of the audit : crises lessons“.


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