Serzhanova Viktoriya


Abstract:The article aims at analyzing the phenomenon of fictional states from the perspective of a concept and definition, as well as a shape and functions of a contemporary state. Presently, the hitherto model of a national state is starting to loose its cognitive significance. At the same time, more and more often one can observe reaching for the idea of fictional organisms, which have been created and exist exceptionally as a result of their authors’ fantasy. Therefore, besides the states functioning in reality, which possess their essential characteristic features determining their entity, one can perceive the existence of fictional ‘states’. Such creations do not meet the requirements of a state definition, although some of them possess symbols, constitutions and even currency, stamps and anthems. Fictional states have their aims, such as commercial, promotional, historical or legal. Besides entertainment, they also perform very specific functions, like community-building and educational.

Key words: fictional states, concept, definition and functions of a contemporary state, political system, society, law, loophole, aims and functions of fictional states.

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