• Raimundas Kalesnykas Faulty of Law, International School of Law and Business (Lithuania)


The article is based on the author research and examines the issues of the EU security development in the globalized world with the purpose to highlight the threats, challenges as well as the future perspectives of the creation a new European Security Model among Member States. Today, security has become a key factor in ensuring a high quality of life in EU society, guarantee respect for human rights, the rule of law and solidarity and in protecting our critical infrastructures through preventing and tackling common threats. The EU security study has undergone a fundamental shift over the last decade. At first glance, it seems that in the Member States there is a single understanding of the existing threats (terrorism, organized crimes, trafficking of human beings, economic crimes and corruption and etc.), but we have to admit and accept that the new type challenges for maintaining security at EU level is constantly changing due to the global, social, legal, economic or political environment (the growth and development of private security sector, public-private partnership for providing security services, the ongoing processes of privatization of security services). Scientific validity of the proposed relevant and problematic assertions imply that the Member States must start the discussion on the implementation of common standards of EU Security Strategy as well as the most importantly on the development of a European Security Model. Strategic directions set out by the Lisbon Treaty, the Stockholm Program and the Security Strategy for the European Union will create a safe environment in which EU citizens feel protected and secure. KEYWORDS: security, public and private security sector, globalization, EU Security Strategy Model.

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Raimundas Kalesnykas, Faulty of Law, International School of Law and Business (Lithuania)
Assoc. Prof., Dr., Department of Public and Private Law
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KALESNYKAS, Raimundas. EU SECURITY IN THE GLOBALIZED WORLD: THREATS, CHALLENGES AND THE NEW STRATEGY. Anales Universitatis Apulensis Series Jurisprudentia, [S.l.], n. 14, dec. 2011. ISSN 1514-4075. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 18 oct. 2018.